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*Note: This is only an information/fan site and not the official site of the singer Delilah. It’s not for a commercial purpose.

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Every child, teenager, or even adult has their idols in the music and entertainment industry. The combination of extreme skills in singing and songwriting puts every singer a cut above the rest. Possibly every actor, actress, and even singer has their fan site. They are sharing some of the rudimentary data about the popular artist.

Delilah’s official accounts

Delilah has her site for the delight of her fans. Are you a fan of Delilah? Are you excited to know every piece of information about her? You may even read something that you haven’t yet read from other sites about Delilah. Check also Delilah’s Instagram and Delilah’s Twitter.

Delilah – info

What is Delilah’s real name? How about Delilah’s birth date? Does Delilah have a sister? Those are the questions that have been revolving around your mind since you ever heard the dazzling and soothing voice of this famous artist. Luckily for you, information that is provided here can satisfy your addiction to Delilah.

Let us know the path to success that Delilah achieved, but before we go there, let us know the humble beginning of this artist, where she lives, her education, and her parents.

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Delilah real name

Let’s kick start with the basic, by knowing the real name of Delilah. Other artists are using what we call a stage name or a mononym when they are in the midst of their performance, and there is also an artist that goes by their name. The real name of Delilah is Paloma Ayana Stoecker. Delilah is a mere stage name that she uses whenever she performs in front of her audiences, but to her family and friends, she is Paloma.

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Delilah birth

Paloma was born in the place famously known as the “City of Love” which is Paris, France dated 23rdof September year 1990. But the life of Paloma did not linger long in Paris as there are rough ride that she had to experience that made her move out of the City of Love. These rides are the ones that changed and formed Delilah, the artist she is today.

Paloma was from various decent, I’m not talking about two or three, but she is from 4. She is Cuban, Nigerian, Jamaican, and English at the same time. No wonder that this artist is blessed in the industry of music.

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Delilah youth

Parents are the one that supports, guides, and advises on our life. When Paloma was still young, her parents separated. Together with her Mom and sister Tabitha they embark and journeyed to the place called Camden, London, and from there numerous happenings came to Paloma that changed her life.

But her parents’ separation isn’t the only hard experience that had happened to Paloma. In the year of 2002, her father died due to an accident. Paloma’s father was also a part of the music industry. Having owned a self-sustaining recording studio or label, she aimed to help British bands to reach the top. Not only that, her father also owned a place where live music is always indulged a night club. The name of her late father is Jesse Stoecker that is a DJ by profession.

For some reason, the death of her father pushed Paloma to pursue music seriously. Following the death of her father, she wrote her first song at the age of 12 through the aid of the piano, the prime instrument that she had known how to play.

Delilah pursued her dream of being a singer by focusing on her education. There are several institutions that this famous artist attended to, and one of them is the Portland Place School. But her stay at the PPC was not long, and she transferred to City and Islington College to purse BTEC National Diploma in Music. But the same faith happened in PPS as she also left City and Islington College after months of being part of the institution.


Paloma is a great artist and being able to use the different genres in the world of music. She even said that her music is soulful, melodic pop and dark. Considering that her vast knowledge in the different genres such as dubstep, dub, drum & bass, and acoustic.

Paloma was even compared to recognized artists in the country and from foreign countries. In her interviews, she credited several known artist that has influenced her life in the music industry. One of them is Alanis Morissette, to which she was even compared. Other acknowledged artists that inspired Delilah are Chaka Khan, Roy Ayees, Buena Vista Social Club, Ella Fitzgerald, Metalheadz, Portishead, Nine Inch Nails, Aaliyah, and Sade. According to her, these are her inspiration in her musical success and in creating with her diverse songs.


Stoecker was famous for her talent in singing and songwriting. That’s why several industries rooted for her and offered several contracts to be part of their own family. Major record labels came down, knocking on Paloma’s door, offering her great deals and contacts.

But where did Paloma Ayana Stoecker stayed? Let us go back first, doing her college days there was a project that was assigned to Paloma. The very first studio the e chose was Tottenham studio. Four tracks were needed to be produced. Therefore Paloma partnered up with a local producer to get the job done. Little did she know, the four tracks that she has recorded would be the start of her breakthrough in her life. A friend of hers that is affiliated with an organization named Choice FM took notice of the songs and directed it to another record label which is the Island Record.

Several weeks came and all Paloma did was entertain and organize interviews up until she found her home, Atlantic Records. Young Paloma with the age of 17 had many successful runs in the industry under the Atlantic records after her debut.

Not only that she is a great singer, but she is also an outstanding songwriter. She also supports other people in the industry as the likes of Chase & Status who had their 2 years tour around the UK. Chase & Status have their style, which is an act involving drum&base/dubstep but got the support from Paloma. The pair then had the chance to one of Delilah’s track and was amazed and thought of her as “fantastic” as a singer.

As a songwriter she co-authored some songs like “Time” together with the same duo, Chase & Status and also Plan B. But writing the lyrics was not the only contribution of Paloma as she also provided her vocals in the song. The song then was on the UK singles chart that is placed on the number 21.

“Time” was not the only song that this great singer co-wrote. She was also credited on the track named “Don’t be afraid” by Wretch 32 in his second album Black and White.

She also had the chance to team up with Maverick Saver as one of the primary support act. Following the tour with Chase & Status, she already has a tour lined up when she joined Maverick. The tour though is different as they will be traveling across the United Kingdom and to a new soil, Ireland.

Delilah may have helped other artist by co-writing the lyrics to their favorite songs or even added this extra flair by adding her vocals too. But she is not limited to that, Delilah or Paloma also had an album. Her debut album was named, From the Roots Up.

This record was produced by several people namely, Syience, Balistiq and Hyperdub signee LV. But didn’t you know that she had her share in producing her album? In short, she also served as another producer of her debut album.

Even though that the album debuted only it reached remarkable heights as it is top 5 in the UK Albums Chart. Not only in the United Kingdom but also the album gained a place in the Scottish Album Charts by placing in the 17thplace.

From her debut album, there was here lead single entitled, “Go.” The track reached the 17thplace in the UK Singles chart even after release during the date of September 6, 2011. Several known people in the industry have heard the song and even the famous Chaka Khan and dub it as “genius.”

But Go was not the only single; there is also the song “Love You So,” which is considered as her follow-up single. The song was released during the time of 19thof December year 2011 by the power of the Atlantic Records.

Being a lover of songs and songwriter, she did not give up and wasted no time, and released her 3rdsingle called “Breathe” during May 14, 2012. Being a talented singer and songwriter, she immediately worked again releasing her fourth single that is considered as a cover of “Inside My Love” by Minnie Ripperton, and it was released on July 16, 2012. To perform an excellent song, she also needs to have an expert and professional help in directing some of her videos. Jake Nave puts the professional like it is a tie; he also helped create some of the aesthetic videos in collaboration with several famous artists.

Besides her very first album Paloma was generous enough to produce a mixtape containing 8 songs in the year of 2012 during February. The mixtape contained songs that have not been released even a remix of the song “Love You So” by the artist Joe Goddard.

The greatness of the singer Delilah is not stopping here as she had performed with several famous artists too at different events. One of which is performing beside Emeli Sandé at the famous place in London called KOKO. Paloma’s spring was full of excitement as her first significant tour kick-started on 14thof April year 2012 where her first destination was in Scotland, in a famous night club called O2 ABC 2 in Glasgow and ended back in a sold-out crowd in London’s KOKO.

Delilah’s second album is still cooking for a couple of years now. Being independent this is her first album and aided by the #NoFilterTour. This is a tour that is going to take this artist to several parts of the UK. It began during August 2014 and was able to cover the places of London, Birmingham, Bristol, Brighton, and Manchester,

She has something new cooking as fresh new songs had been uncovered which are included in her latest and upcoming album and to hype and spice the fans, she also included a free mixtape. All of these, new album, new songs, and mixtape will be made public soon.

Delilah also has other plans, and that plan involves going to the US and be able to record with the famous artist Prince regarding her upcoming album. Speaking of Prince, the artist Delilah was even included in the songs “Affirmation III” and “Way Back Home” from the very album of Prince named Art Official Age.

Paloma Ayana Stoecker or famously known as Delilah, has achieved various successes in life. Her life cycle in the music industry is remarkable as she was able to impart some of her skills in songwriting and singing. She collaborated with several artists in writing and providing vocal that resulted in top songs.

But Delilah has her bliss in life by being able to structure an album under the Atlantic Records. Her songs even reached or topped music charts in the UK and foreign countries. Truly these are some of the manifestations of her success.

She was even able to conduct tours around the UK and Scotland. She got praised and commended by other artists because of her fine and fantastic work and was even dubbed as a genius.

Paloma started from humble beginnings, able to pursue music and create her original song at such a young age. She truly deserves the spotlight that she is under in. Artists like Delilah are excellent as they can share through the use of music. Let’s send her some love!